Circle 7th July on your calendars because it’s about to become your new favourite day of the year filled with a choco-LOT of ‘me time’ indulgence. Still can’t catch our drift? Don’t worry, we’ve also choc’d out a list for you! Scroll on…


‘Treat’ yourselves to Lindt chocolate bars and you’ll soon find yourself thanking your stars! Coming in hot (or melted, however you like it) in Milk, Hazelnut, and Dark Chocolate variants, they like to do this thing called ‘spoil you for choice’.

Godiva (Napolitains)

Remember that saying ‘good things come in small packages?’ Napolitains are an example of having taken it a tad too seriously. Not that anyone’s complaining. Naps are what we like to call ‘bite-sized happiness’.

Hershey’s Kisses

Speaking of bite-sized, you didn’t think we were gonna skip Hershey’s Kisses, did you? The original snackable goodies, hand-wrapped with love, all for your ephemeral pleasure – well, that’s Hershey’s for you.


The love for this one’s pretty real, ask any Toblerholic. Everything from its divine taste to its triangle aesthetic makes Toblerone the perfect bud for your next binge-watching sesh. Did we mention it’s got flavors too? Milk, Dark Chocolate, Crunchy Almonds, Fruit & Nut – all here to make you go ‘nuts’!


Is it really indulgence without infusing it with a little something French (and luxe)? Say bonjour to Valrhona, luxury chocolates made purely from cocoa beans, and designed for those who take their pleasure seriously – you know, just like the French!

Or you could just grab ‘em all!

Because there’s no such thing as too much ‘me time’, just like there’s no such thing as too many chocolates.