As the pandemic continues to fluctuate, one thing is certain that travelling remains essential to a lot of people for various personal reasons.

Now someone would need to travel for work, family weddings, medical reasons or even to visit family and relatives. Whatever be the reason, the choice of travel should remain with an individual. While the government and various aviation authorities do bear the onus of providing a safe travel environment and implementing safety procedures, individuals are equally responsible for doing their part and therefore should be given choice to decide how and where they want to quarantine themselves!

As travel resumes under the new normal, hesitation remains throughout the journey but so does the excitement. Individuals everywhere have started traveling domestic, but an international trip needs much more than mere safety concerns. The decision to travel international is often avoided considering the extensive and highly disciplined norms and protocols that are expected to be followed by the traveler, right from the place of departure to the place of arrival.

As situations have started normalizing, so have the intensive protocols and procedures. The mandatory quarantine protocol has been lifted from a lot of destinations abroad but the expectations of being completely alert and careful still remains, considering the safety of the multiple people travelling every day. Find below the breakdown of a journey from Mumbai to Dubai, only to understand how calm and safe international trips even under the current circumstances can be.

Journey from MUM to DXB

Departing from Mumbai:
The process was a little difficult as two health forms in duplicate had to be filled which seemed slightly unrequired considering that Mumbai was the place of departure and not the arrival although the sentiment of maintaining a system was highly appreciated.

Journey to Dubai:

  •  PCR test 96 hour prior to Dubai is a must
  • A sense of safety remains on the flight as people boarding would have undertaken the PCR test
  • The airline provides shields and gloves
  • Full meal served on the flight, drinks were served in plastic disposable bottles
  • On arrival in DXB, one is expected to head to the registration counter with the passport and Emirates ID taken.
  • A Tube for swab collection is given
  • After immigration one should proceed towards taking the swab test, 20 booths available
  • You are informed to go to your residence or place of stay and in 14 hours a message is sent to the registered mobile number.

In conclusion, the journey was completely hassle-free and convenient.