When all things seem impossible, the skies clear for a better tomorrow and thanks to India’s air bubbles you can have your better tomorrow amidst this pandemic, enjoying a beautiful sunset from the pristine beaches in the Maldives or eating a French croissant outside the Eiffel tower or if you fancy the wild then Kenya’s animal safari awaits you!

In layman terms, Air bubbles are predominantly travel gateways between two countries with a mutual agreement to open borders for its citizens. This mutual agreement is set upon a common understanding of having control over the spread of the novel coronavirus spread supported by data backed testing numbers.

These Air Bubbles are now formed between 21 countries, providing an array of serene locations and adventure packed holidays. Be it a staycation or a workation, here are the 21 countries you can visit from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai:-

● Bangladesh
● Canada
● France
● Germany
● Kenya
● The Maldives
● The Netherlands
● Nigeria
● Oman
● Qatar
● Rwanda
● Tanzania
● Ukraine
● The United Arab Emirates (above)
● The United Kingdom
● The United States

So get packing and bring out your lockdown shopping lists as the airways open up to you. With Christmas around the corner avail festive offers, some as generous as Santa himself exclusively at Mumbai Duty Free, now available to pre order online on www.mumbaidutyfree.net.

International travel and shopping was a far off dream before the Air Bubbles came into existence. As of May 6 th , 2020 only one way repatriation flights were available for the stranded Indian citizens across the world. Further down the line, as lockdown restrictions eased down, borders began to open but with stringent protocols to follow for international travelers holding a valid visa. Trade barriers were imposed and businesses had come to a halt. Not only were the local citizens affected financially but so were several nations as GDP reached an all time low.

These Air Bubbles act as a finance defense mechanism as it boosts tourism along with international trade whilst adhering to all the health and social-distancing protocols.

Here is a breakdown of how you can step into the realm of Air Bubbles and fly to places as you check off your lockdown bucket list:-

Who is allowed to travel to these countries?

Indian nations with a valid visa to their desired country of travel with atleast a one month validity and tourism visa holders including other reasons ranging to trade practices are eligible to have access to the Air Bubbles. These countries permit transit as well as departures and arrivals to and from any airport of the nation. You can further find the guidelines to travelling through Air Bubbles on the official website of the Civil Aviation Ministry.

What are the guidelines to be followed?

● Indian residents outside India will initially have to register themselves in the country and will have to bear all the cost of the travel.
● An individual belonging to another country will be permitted to travel to the country of destination only after all the conditions of entering that country have been fulfilled by her/him.
● All the basic safety protocols such as maintaining social distancing, wearing a safety mask, sanitization, etc are to be followed by the passengers along onboard and off board along with any other significant and regulatory safety instructions given by the flight staff.
● Only the people with no symptoms shall be allowed to travel in the flight and will have to go to a self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival or the protocols as per the nation.

How to keep yourself safe and COVID free?

Air Bubbles don’t omit out the possibility of contracting the virus and air travel is yet a risk and hence, abiding by the guidelines mentioned below will ensure a safe travel:-

1. Upon arrival at Mumbai International Airport, show your health status on the Arogya Setu App
2. Be stringent about wearing a mask and a protective headgear to keep your nose and mouth covered at all times.
3. Maintain the social distancing norms by staying at least at a two arms distance from others.
4. Carry your own supply of sanitizer with at least 65% alcohol and use regularly.
5. For Duty Free Shopping avoid contact points by pre-ordering your wish list. (This is now available at the Mumbai Duty Free Shop)
6. Be alert about not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

During these testing times, Air Bubble flights to transport you out of your quarantine homes to whimsical destinations is a 2020 dream brought to reality. So stay safe and travel safe.