It’s been a whole year since we’ve travelled stress-free, and even though taking precautions still remains of utmost importance, it’s time to indulge in a little travel! From packing bags to experiencing airline meals to coming home with an ever-so-satisfied post-holiday mood that vanishes just a few days after, we’ve missed everything about travelling! Let’s get back on board this summer…it’s about time we experience new moments and create fresh memories, for travel truly is proven to magnify happiness, and here’s how!

1. Discovering Yourself

Travel brings with it an element of spontaneity, adventure and uncertainty. There are always situations, big or small, that make you do something you wouldn’t normally do and thereby help you venture outside of your comfort zone. Remember, where comfort ends, growth begins. So, don’t shy away from hitchhiking, bungee jumping, or even just striking up a conversation with a stranger!

2. Gain Insight

As humans, the times when our brains are exercised is when we’re most engrossed in things. Visiting new places, seeing new sights and meeting new people enables us to see things from different perspectives, broadening our comprehension and perception towards life.

3. Stress-Busting!

In the ever-changing world of today, things are constantly on the move even though for most people it’s from their very own homes. Travel lends you an escape from this bustle, freeing you physically as well as mentally for a few days. Just like our devices need to be charged from time to time, our souls need rejuvenation too, and exploring does just that! Reduced stress levels result not just in a longer lifespan but also a lower chances of anxiety and depression.

4. Some Things Are Timeless

A fancy dinner or a brand new car can definitely uplift your mood for a short period of time, but it’s proven that people who spend money on experiences are much more satisfied in the long run. So much so, that expending finances on travel is considered an investment! And we totally stand by that, as experiences enrich you as a person, and teach you things in a way no textbook or article could. They stay with you forever and get etched deep in your being.

5. Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Apart from all the amazing new things you gain out of travel, it also ironically brings you closer to home. Spending time away from your loved ones makes you miss them, and helps you understand their value in your life. So, fly high, but we know you’ll always come back home for it’s where your heart truly lies!

Need we say more? If you needed a sign to book those vacation tickets, this is your cue. As Covid vaccination becomes a reality, we’ve officially run out of reasons to postpone or cancel our trips! It’s time to start nurturing your travel imagination. The world is your oyster, so go conquer it!