From lockdown days to the new normal


From lockdown days to the new normal – A ready, set, go for your travel plans!

Dear Travelers,

Lockdown’s over… it’s time to soar once again! For those of us whose lifestyle has always been a perfect culmination of new adventures and experiences, 2020 sure has been agonizing to say the least.  A disheartening stop to all travel activities certainly brought our summer plans to a standstill. But now there’s finally some good news with the newest developments in the International Travel policies starting August 8th.

Initially, despite resuming a few services, when many chastening formalities at the airport were expected to be followed by us, especially international travellers, we all felt a certain degree of disdain and sourness towards the idea of travelling. But finally, after weathering a great deal of turbulence, the current positive surge in the situation has revived faith and expectation that things will only get better from here on. Maybe this entire year is not lost to us after all and perhaps we can still bring those travel plans back on track. We now see that people all across the globe have slowly started easing into the hope of giving their enthusiastic wandering spirits a nudge to resume traveling again with an innocent anticipation to enjoy a relaxing journey just like the old times.

Traveling for business, leisure and personal reasons, has always been a major part of people’s lives through the years. With protocols being stringent at the very beginning of the pandemic, the lift in the many intensive protocols leaves us with a sigh of relief. The current circumstances definitely seemed to have gained momentum and visible progress considering the incorporation of relaxations in various areas across the spectrum. Minor inconveniences caused with flying internationally, have now settled into a much convenient experience of commutation and policies. The stress free travelling in progress also encourages and disposes faith in the minds of people, to reach out to their families or loved ones they have been estranged from or seek medical help they have been delaying for sometime now amongst the many reasons to take a safe international trip.

Guidelines and steps are a part of the protocol to create a co-space that influences people to be able to travel responsibly and adapt to a much safer functioning of conventions expected to be followed by the government. Steps to be ensued right from the beginning of planning the journey to arriving at the destination of choice:

Before planning the Journey-

  • Submission of a self-declaration form on the online portal atleast 72 hours to the scheduled travel
  • Compliance of an undertaking on the portal stating agreement to the mandatory quarantine of 14 days
  • Incase of seeking exemption from institutional quarantine, the application needs to be sent 72 hours before boarding
  • RT-PCR test in case of seeking exemption has to be taken 96 hours prior to the journey

Before Boarding-

  • Passengers are advised to download Arogya Setu app
  • Maintaining social distancing at all times
  • Passengers to undergo thermal screening

During Travel-

  • Passengers to fill in a duplicate of the self-declaration form on the flight, in case of not filling it on the online portal
  • Precautions of wearing a mask and maintaining overall hygiene to be observed and followed at all times

On Arrival-

  • Deboarding should ensure social distancing
  • Thermal screening to be carried out for all passengers
  • Displaying of the self-declaration to the health staff
  • Passengers exempted from institutional quarantine to present proof of the same to the respective state counters

The concern with the ongoing pandemic still prevails in our minds but as kindred souls who seek pleasure in travelling, it is now a good time to wear your masks, follow procedures, act responsibly, fasten your seat belts and set yourself to fly!

To apply for exemption from quarantine, you can log on to the Air Suvidha website or App and upload your negative RT PCR Test: