For those of you who love to travel, you know that the preparation to jet-set is just as exciting as the journey itself. So why not pair that enthusiasm with the perfect luggage bags that match your style!

Gear up with some stylish, convenient, and affordable luggage bags this season and add them to your duty free shopping list before you fly.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite of luggage trolley bags you can buy at Mumbai Duty Free:-

1. Delsey Turenne

This popular luggage house brings to you trendy, sleek luggage bags in vibrant colours. With four wheels easily rotatable and a hard top allowing you to fit in all your last-minute essentials, we know this bag will take you places!

2. Lipault IZAK COLLAB

Looking for a distinctive bag you’ll be able to spot easily on the conveyor belt? Lipault’s collection is all about that and more. All you artistic souls will find your perfect match in their suitcases showcasing modern sketches, whilst not having to leave the realm of portability and style!

3. Longchamp Boxford

Vintage, classic and elegant! The tan undertones on this neutral shade are signature Longchamp, and exude sophistication. We’re on team multiple compartments, all the way! You may not be your own boss, but we’re certain you’ll feel like one travelling with their luxury baggage!

4. Porsche Design Cragon

Sleek is not for the weak! Uber-contemporary, this deep blue piece is a work of art. Merging into all the soft, smooth luggage, this one still manages to stand out in a crowd. And with the smallest knick-knacks, we always need on the go, the small zipper pocket on the front comes as a huge blessing!

5. Victoria’s Secret Pink Stripe Trolley Bag

Get in touch with your feminine side and grab hold of this Victoria’s Secret bag flaunting its evergreen light pink stripes. With wheels for ease, lots of storage space and a soft top, there’s no going wrong with this one at all!

Wait no longer, for these lovely travel-friendly buddies are waiting for you only at Mumbai Duty Free. It’s time to explore, and we have lots in store for you. Get richer in the long run with these suitcases, and keep in mind that the world is like a book, so if you don’t travel, you’re only reading one page!